Quick MTF Editions

Quick MTF Full Quick MTF Platform Quick MTF CCTV Quick MTF Light
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Full version for commercial business activities.

Full version for commercial business activities.

Custom edition for CCTV market.

Cannot be licensed for any commercial use.

Before entering a license key Quick MTF works in evaluation mode and lets you do 40 tests. You may install one copy of evaluation software and please use it only for the evaluation or demonstration purpose.

For registered users all updates are free of charge, except major ones (for example to Quick MTF 3.x).

System requirements: WinXP(SP2)/Vista/XP64/Vista64/Windows7/Windows10/Linux(Wine), 6 MB disk space for installation.

All orders are processed by PayPro Global, Inc., authorized vendor of Quick MTF products. Volume discounts are available.

Comparison between editions

Full Platform CCTV Light
MTF, ESF, LSF plots for all channels, CA plot check check check check
Multiply ROI check check check check
Excel, HTML table export check check check check
Undo/Redo check check check check
Saving MTF, ESF, LSF curves to a text file check check check check
Presets 'Default' and 'ISO 12233' check check   check
Open file with the same ROI (batch run) check check check  
ROI autodetection check check check check
ROI autodetection settings check check    
ISO 12233 options check check    
Peak response option check check check  
HTVL, VTVL, HTVL-E measurements     check  
Change initial image size     check  
Change initial image height check check check  
Using from the command line   check