Plot panel

The plot panel can be docked to top or bottom of the documents area or it can be detached in its own window.

Edge profile (edge spread function) and chromatic aberration area plot

Edge profiles for R, G, B and Y (luminance) channels, curve for calculation of CA(chromatic aberration)

A, B, C, D - edge profiles for R, G, B and Y (luminance) channels. Bold line always corresponds to a current channel (see the Channel selection radio buttons).

E - rise distance by user defined range. In this case defined range is 25-75%

F - 10-90% rise distance in pixels

H - the area under this curve is proportional the chromatic aberration

MTF (modulation transfer function) plot

SFR(spatial frequency response) also called MTF(modulation transfer function) plot

A - 50% contrast spatial frequency (MTF50)

B - spatial frequency by user defined contrast

C - MTF at Nyquist frequency (0.5 c/p)