Quick MTF toolbar

1 - File group

1a - show Open dialog.

Open dialog

You can select one or more files by pressing control or shift and using a left mouse click.

1b - show Open dialog for opening group of files and apply the same ROI to them.

1c - show Save dialog for saving a workspace in .qmtf format.

2 - Navigation group

2a, 2b - zoom in or out.

2c - display an image at 100%.

2d - scale the zoom level to fit an image the available window space.

3 - View group

3a - show/hide the Main panel.

3b - show/hide the Plot panel.

3c - toggle the Main panel and the Plot panel top or bottom.

3d - show/hide the Table.

4 - Plot group

4a - show MTF plot.

4b - show/hide LSF(line spread function)plot.

4c - show/hide Edge profile plot.

5 - show noise component of the ROI

6 - Table management group

6a - add current measurement to the table (hotkey Enter).

6b - add all available measurements to the table (hotkey Ctrl+Enter). May be helpful after opening a group of files with the same ROI (see File group).

6c - remove selected items from the table.

6d - remove all items from the table.

6e - open Excel export file dialog.

6f - open HTML export file dialog.

6g - open Excel export settings dialog.

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