User interface

Common view of Quick MTF application

AMain menu
BNavigator – a thumbnail display to quickly change the field of view of the image
CROI (region of interest) info
DMost important image quality measurements (chromatic aberration, MTF50, 10-90% edge rise distance in pixels)
EThe spatial frequency for user defined contrast
FRise distance by user defined range
GContrast for user defined spatial frequency
HNoise measurements
I Channel selection radio buttons
JGamma setting area
KSelected EXIF data
L – The status bar. It usually displays hints, but it can also display the status of an operation taking a long time to complete, such as opening a large file
MROI size, mouse position and color under mouse cursor
NPlot area. Depending on the current mode (see the Toolbar) it can show edge spread function, SFR(spatial frequency response) also called MTF(modulation transfer function), or LSF(line spread function) plot
O – Area of opened documents
PTable of measurements
Q – Current ROI in active document